Enable the Google Search Options

  12 years ago

It would be useful to have by default the customized Linux Mint search enhanced with the Google search options, like in this example:

There is an options panel at the left with the search and sorting options:

1. All results (time, location, standard view, related searches, wonder wheel, timeline, standard results, sites with images, fewer or more shopping sites, page previews, translated search)

2. Images (size, type, color)

3. Videos (duration, time, relevance, quality, closed captioned, source)

4. News (source, time, relevance)

5. Blogs (time, relevance)

6. Updates (any time, latest)

7. Books (preview and/or full view, type, list or grid view, time, relevance)

8. Discussions (time, relevance, type, length, etc.)
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trollboy 10 years ago

I'm going to mark this as rejected as Mint now uses Duckduckgo

New -> Rejected