Install a grub background image by default

  6 years ago

possibly the same one from the livecd.
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zantaz 6 years ago

You are on wrong direction ...

AshBaby 6 years ago

@Brahim: he he.. u want everyone with a slower system to face 5 seconds boot delay due to an image loading up so u dont have to use ur systems with lights out?

The ideas you say that are about aesthetics are not really ideas.. they are preferences.. you yourself have posted about a few changes that can be made to aesthetics.. so, people who need such things can find help and do it. You dont expect an OS developer to manage aesthetics for everyone.. the OS is as generic as can be, so unless something is reaaally bothersome or improper, why ask them to change it? Its Linux, its free, its customisable... do it..

Hammer459 6 years ago

Grub background is visible for a couple of seconds. So spending effort on creating and maintaining that background seems a waste at best :-)
For anyone wanting that background it is not a big problem installing it and configuring as you want.
Bling time is better spent on things actually visible everyday such as themes and desktop.

mikemmm 6 years ago

Let's not dismiss all ideas of customization quite so summarily. Having background images instead of blank screens isn't a bad idea; after all, Mint (and every other distro) comes with a wallpaper image instead of a blank background. Just because the user can (with some research and some work) change the Grub background himself doesn't mean that it shouldn't come with something there in the first place. Of course, as soon as Mint does have a default Grub image, then people will start asking for it to be changed...

Hammer459 6 years ago

:-) @Brahim so your reasoning for adding background image is that you did not want to turn your light on :-D

My problem is that the more needless bling you add the more resource needed to maintain. More needless bling means more work to remove or change if you do not like it. Let those who want the extra add it.
And the fact that people think differently has lots of value. Linux is about freedom, that means choice. So less is more.

sujitnag 6 years ago

what can we do with my system?
this is a important question for me.
I agree with remoulder that mean is not that everyone like it. I think there is a way to do so. so you can do it for you.
I agree with Hammer459 also, because it is not so much important, unnecessary include anything is not a good philosophy.


remoulder 6 years ago

If you want these things then install them but don't expect everyone else to want them by default.

Hammer459 6 years ago

I can for my life not understand the focus of many ideas involving bling for boot that you may see for a few seconds a day or even week.