Change the default installation partition setup

  9 years ago

Especially if the user selects wipe-out disk.

Better if partition is something like:
sda0 : /
sda1 : extended partition
sda1 : 0 : /home
sda1 : 1 : swap

IMHO easier to upgrade too
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Windsurfer 5 years ago

If swap is used by all nstalled *nixes then sda2: swap would be better.

RayWoods 7 years ago

As someone who always opts for root, home and swap partitions I think I can only go one way here.

New > Considered

unexistance 8 years ago

the layout suggested is for option
Whole disk

billy 8 years ago

Partitioning is one area where wizards consistently fail. IMO partition editing during installation is a very bad idea. All partition operations should be performed with something like System Rescue CD before installation begins.

I think the only options necessary are 1) whole of disk, 2) largest unused partition, and 3) custom. Everyone has their own ideas for a layout that will work for them so it is pointless developers trying to guess what that might be.

Pierre 9 years ago

Better if partition is something like:
sda0 : /
sda1 : /data
sda2 : extended partition
sda5 : /home
sda6 : /swap

ichat 9 years ago

best idea ive seen so far...
specially if youd be able to pick from a few defaults

aehjr1 9 years ago

This is a GREAT idea! My first foray into Mint was Gloria, and I let the woezard (NOT misspelled) manage my dual-boot setup. Woe was me! The default was all in one partition, and that barely big enough to hold the initial installation. I ended up having to boot into the Live CD again and enlarge the Mint partition. For my upgrade to Isadora, I had to do some fancy finagling to get around the "damage" I did with the first Mint install.

A good partition wizard for install would make Mint stand out as the best Debian distro.

baffle-boy 9 years ago

i use this setup already, but it wasn't that easy to set up. making this the default would make things a lot easier for many new user trying to upgrade.

heltonbiker 9 years ago

There are a lot of people that never thought about disk partitioning strategy, and the moment of instalation is not the right time to make a bad choice. Since we already know some good partitioning schemas, there should be a wizard to keep novice users comfortable. The schemas proposal by Alexio is great!

CBindahouse 9 years ago

This would make it far easier to upgrade!

Alexio 9 years ago

The user should be able to choose from various partitioning schemas and there is also the possibility to work with Logical Volume Management on Linux.

remoulder 9 years ago