Automated (full) language support

  8 years ago

When you install LinuxMint your language's support is only partial. In fact if you open "Language Support" it asks if you want to download and install FULL language support for your language.

I suggest to implement a way to download and install it automatically, such as while you are installing LinuxMint and/or ask automatically if you want full language support as soon as you start LinuxMint the first time.

This will make the operating system more user-friendly, because you won't need to open "Language Support" to get full language support.
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Schatten 7 years ago

When you chose a language during installation you expect it to be chosen for all applications. If this is possible, this would be more user-friendly.

The less moves a user has to make to make the OS work, the more users the OS will attract.

Shin 8 years ago


This is not about volunteers about languages, I'm just saying to do ALL the language process during the installation (instead of doing it half and half as Stel said). There are no volunteers needed.

I'm not sure to understand the mean of your comment, are you sure you've understand what I'm saying? O_o

stel 8 years ago

Agreed. Either you install a language or you don't. I don't see why half of it should be done during the main installation process and the other half after it.

AshBaby 8 years ago

Community users try and make as many language packs.. but Mint cant possibly find a volunteer for all languages.. and Mint shouldn't pay for it.. so.. its a stalemate.

sujitnag 8 years ago

personal preference add as an idea is totally meaningless.

when admin provides a alternative way then judge their option is meaningless.