Detect partitioning schema upon system install

  12 years ago

Currently if we try to install from LiveCD on a computer already running some OS, the system warns the user with something like "you already have Windows - or Ubuntu, or whatever - installed, do you wish to install sibe-by-side etc etc etc.
It would be useful if the installer 'automagically' detects a partitioning schema with dedicated partitions already existant.
This would be an example message (fictitious):

"The installation detected Linux Mint Gloria already installed in your computer with the following dedicated partitions:

sda1/0 /
sdb1/0 /home
sdb1/1 /swap
sdc1/2 /"

And then some questions, something like:
"Do you wish to maintain your current home folder unchanged (strongly recommended)?"
"Do you wish to etc etc etc."

or perhaps "do you wish to alter/format/move/recreate/recombine/"
(You got the idea ;o)

I think it is something that is so often done that it should not only be done automatically, but also EXPLICITLY SUGGESTED to new Linux users, who usually only learn that things way after the first LiveCD install.
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Rocologo 8 years ago

I agree, it's SO very hard to make a proper installation, if you have more than one disk, and if you want to use VLM on both disks.

RayWoods 10 years ago

At the moment everything gets chucked into the Root partition by default and to have a separate home partition would be a good start. Anything which improves the disk management during installation would be a good idea by my book.

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Gecko 11 years ago

Some installing wizards do tell you what OS you have and where and it is relief to know that you are not overwriting one that you use often.

terdon 11 years ago

I agree, whenever installing a new distro I always have to write down my current setup, things liske my / is on sda2, home on sda7, data sda3 or whatever. It would be nice if the installer could recognize the existing mount points for ech partition/.

kreativeone 12 years ago

Automatic support for a single separate Data partition to be shared amongst all system installations would be great.

Xyie 12 years ago

As long as the suggestions are simple and clear, that would be automagically awesome.

The real problem is making it clear to users who have little clue of what they are doing. I know from observation that if there's any one little thing that is confusing in user instructions, that a user will be completely thrown off the path of what they are supposed to do. Thus, the suggestions need to be both precise and clear. Perhaps they would be simple at first, and then as you dig down, the suggestions would become more complex/descriptive as to what was found and what is suggested.

baffle-boy 12 years ago

since mint is supposed to be easy for new users, and installation can be the most complicated and first thing seen, this is a good idea.

Mdyter 12 years ago

supporting this idea.
I'll agree that there must be the recommendation to have a separate /home and reinstalling/upgrading your mint should be suggested by default