Small optional tutorial about partitioning strategy available during system install

  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

The worst time to have doubts about partitioning (and unfortunately the most frequent time...) is when we are installing a new release from CD, or "converting" a lucky computer from another OS to Linux (;o).
Even more experienced users sometimes get a bit scared to press that ominous "next" button and proceed with formatting partitions (specially when your full home folder IS indeed inside that metal box).

Many times I gave up installing, or have only installed after much careful consideration and a lot of fear, and I know a lot of people who describe a similar situation.

I think that 'point-of-no-return' part of the installer is currently leaving the poor user too much unassisted. My suggestion is to embed some support in the form of a "Not sure what to do?/Not sure what option to choose?/Are you lost?/No idea of what you are doing?" button.
By clicking on that, some basic explanations (with diagrams, perhaps) would allow the poor user to make an informed decision.

That button could be easily ignored by distro-hoppers, but would be life saver (and Linux-Saver, in a way) for people who are migrating, or who don't feel at home in front of a computer, and the like.
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excalibur1234 9 years ago

great idea. when you have only one computer, you cannot watch youtube videos and follow the steps in the video!

the most confusing thing about partitioning is that drives have a different name than in windows and to know where to install the boot loader.

i have such a fear of partitioning and reinstalling windows/linux that i have never installed mint correctly. i have always used mint4win...

Mintification 10 years ago

Sounds great. Can't wait for this to be implemented now :D

brainard52 10 years ago

I know I had a pretty hard time when I started. I think a description of what each different type of file system is designed to do and what file system is recomended for each different partition would be nice too. Maybe in an advanced section of the help area.

trollboy 11 years ago

I have no fear of partitioning as I have done it since the early days of Dos and fdisk, but I do remember the fear of the early days.

This is a very good idea.

Gurman 11 years ago

Really good idea!

Also good would be similar "in place" mini-tutorials for other difficult and important install and configure points.

Xyie 12 years ago

Further guidance on partitioning is always welcome. This could help new users stay away from making mistakes and feel more comfortable with the process. Some users might not know what partitioning is, and a tutorial would make this process much more friendly, especially to them. Including partitioning strategy as part of the tutorial would make this feature even better! (Depending on how involved it is, maybe explanation on what a separate /home partition could do for them?)

clem 12 years ago

Approving the idea in the scope of our debian live-installer. In regards to Ubiquity, I'd rather see that done upstream.

asymmetros 12 years ago

mcduarte2000 reminds me of my currrent level of knowledge. I have to learn about this in the next months. So, i agree with heltonbiker's suggestion.

mcduarte2000 12 years ago

My first important learning with Linux was how to have 2 separate partitions for home and for system files. Unfortunately on my first install I didn't have this knowledge.

Mdyter 12 years ago

another good point from heltonbiker =)