Kickstarter Campaign / Donation Drive

  7 years ago

In the recent past we have seen some successful crowdsourcing Linux initiatives (latest being Openshot video editor) that were enthusiastically backed by the community.

I am not elaborating on the usage of money raised. Clem would know best on exact and immediate requirements but could be used for various initiatives such as introducing new features, professional support teams, marketing campaign, new recruits, new dedicated servers, dedicated team for documentation and tutorials, etc.

Sufficient corpus funds will help Mint team to work on the project releases without worrying much about finances.

I feel Kickstarter will also give good visibility to the Mint team and project.

Very similar to this idea but thought Kickstarter is more a one-off initiative.

I know this could be discussed at forums as well. Anyways, just shooting it here as well. Will delete it if moderators dont find this as an idea. My philosophy is when in doubt, Just Do it! :-)
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anandrkris 6 years ago
Why I strongly feel - Mint needs to raise money.

anandrkris 6 years ago
Me: Hi Clem – Glad to hear on the progress. Since there is a mention about financial support, are you looking at / open to any platform based crowd-funding initiatives to fund initiatives / projects in the future? (Kickstarter, indiegogo,etc)
I feel that philosophy of Mint is positively biased towards slow yet stable and steady development but given the growing widespread adoption of Mint, are you exploring on expansion plans like hiring more developers, commercial support, etc.

Clem: We can look into it, but I’m not very keen on promising things before I know they’re implemented and letting funding impact design. We looked into bounties, we looked into giving the ability for donors to fund particular aspects or sub-projects of Linux Mint… and none of these were good for us. One of the key benefits of being community-funded is that we can fully focus on development and we have our hands free of any promises or restrictions when it comes to design. Decision-making is instant, flexible and independent. And that’s been really important in our success so far and in the passion we have in doing what we do. We have that relationship with our community and especially with our donors, where we both give to one another without asking in return. It’s a fantastic model because all we have in mind is making people happy and we’re financially enabled by our users.

Hammer459 7 years ago

Well what would life be without humour

anandrkris 7 years ago

@remoulder - I presume you voted and that suffices :-) @Hammer459 - Looks like you've the last laugh!

Hammer459 7 years ago

@remoulder LOL

remoulder 7 years ago

No comment!

anandrkris 7 years ago

Yes, I know. But there is no workflow in forums for the idea to reach Mint developer / Clem and hence posted it here for visbility.
I am waiting for remoulder's comment and will delete the idea shortly when it reaches enough negative votes. Let democracy prevail. ;-) No offense meant, you guys are doing great job in filtering incoherent ideas.

Hammer459 7 years ago

You said it yourself.... This discussion belongs in the forums