Cinnamon should have its own forum and wiki under

  8 years ago

As every valid Desktop Enviroment, Cinnamon should have its own development/support forum at which should not be aimed to LinuxMint users only, but we must encourage the usage of Cinnamon also for other distributions, because more users means more contributions and we all would earn from that.

Also we should provide an official wiki for developers, to encourage new people to join cinnamon development. There is a guy who already did an unofficial one (, but I think should provide an official dev wiki.
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dandv 5 years ago

I personally have a hard time taking seriously a desktop environment whose site looks like a Wordpress blog, and which is often down (see

Shin 8 years ago

+1 mikemmm

mikemmm 8 years ago

This is an idea for Cinnamon users, not just Cinnamon developers, and putting it only in Github eliminates any discussion and feedback from the community. No one, other than developers, bothers to look to look in the Issues section of Github. That sounds much more like a place for bugs to be reported.

Bringing up this issue (which incidentally I agree with) in the Cinnamon section of the Mint forums would be a good idea. It's an idea that has been brought up before.

remoulder 8 years ago

Cinnamon ideas go at