Include a dedicated 'unetbootin'-like tool for Mint

  12 years ago

I have just had a problem with Unetbootin, it only worked running on windows with VirtualBox, not on Linux. The site says "if you are having trouble in Linux, try the windows version".
I think it is such an important feature, for:
-beta-testing release candidates;
-faster overall LiveCD usage;
-availability of the install CD permanently (I use my pendrive with my house keys)
-environmental friendliness by not "mass producing" discs that would be useless in 6 months.

So, what about creating something powerful? (I know it's already beaten topic, but worth being considered)
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baffle-boy 12 years ago

use Startup Disk Creator.

heltonbiker 12 years ago

@ alexio: I agree, but I just love the Unetbootin ability to create a liveusb WITHOUT erasing other data from pendrive.

@ bigbencg: I'll give a try to this tool to install final Isadora release on my desktop.

Thanks for the tips!

bigbencg 12 years ago

A tool called Startup Disk Creator works well, it is included with Ubuntu 10 and LinuxMint 9. The app is called usb-creator-gtk, I installed it using apt in Mint 8 and used it to load LinuxMint 9 RC on my 1GB thumb drive. I find this easier to use than unetbootin.

Alexio 12 years ago

Portable Linux is the best bootable USB live Linux creator: "Live USB drives (pen, thumb, SD, MMC or even phones with USB Mass Storage support) created with this tool let you use the empty disk space on Windows, Linux and Mac, remember the changes you make across reboots, and boot other operating systems. No other tool comes close."