Add SSL https: ability To Linux Mint Community and Forum

  6 years ago

Many savy Internet users are fully deploying the full use of SSL (secure https:) access to blogs,forums,download sites and social media outlets to minimise their plain text exposure to various agencys and ISP snoopers.

Several popular Internet browsers have free addon's to pursue a secure SSL https: connection with that remote site if at all possible and some have pushed the force TLS security level protocal in attempts to implement secure remote Internet connections. [1]

One thing which is often overlooked is not only determining what encryption and bit level of encryption is deployed for your SSL https: remote session but also making certain only the strongest encryptions such as AES 256bit are used (provided the website supports it) and not have older websites silently use a weak, broken encryption while showing your browser a padlock symbol of being a secure SSL https: connection. The fine folks at Calomel have focused on dealing precisely with that thru free browser (Firefox) addon's AND step by step directions on how to remove the weak, broken encryption modes from your browser forcing remote servers to only use the strongest encryption your browser supports.[1]

The Calomel SSL Validation free browser addon also tells you precisely what encryption is being used if any, what bit level, what the certificates are and its also color coated to see at a mere glance if anyone intercepts and breaks your ongoing SSL session. I don't know of ANY other browser addon which tells you immediately if an agency or ISP snooper has broken your SSL session midstream, ALL others I have seen continue to show a simple padlocked symbol falsely telling 'all's well'. The Calomel SSL Validation icon however changes immediately to a Red Blotch, often reloading the connection defeats the attempted snooping and re-secures the SSL secure connection.

Please Vote YES for the Linux Mint Community to enable SSL https: sessions here in the Community and Forum websites not only helping USA citizens but many in the Middle Eastern regions who are doing everything they can to maintain their freedoms, privacys and remain safe while posting on the Internet.

Forum Reference:

[1] Linux Mint Forum Post and References
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TehGhodTrole 6 years ago


https is pretty much standard these days.

ASmith 6 years ago

Only the oldest and often most unused websites still have non-SSL logins. Its simply common sense to not have login information sent in plain text. AND on a developer,computer user active website to not have SSL login's, its a oversight clear and simple.

The Community comments and idea sections do not allow the embedding of active links, hence I pointed the readers back to the Mint Forum on the original forum posting urging the addition of SSL which contains the active user links for the browser add-ons as well as several additional very useful Internet Free Tools. Again the link to that forum article with active links to the browser addons and tools is here:

I think the vast majority here don't view wanting SSL to encrypt their login information as paranoid, but common sense which all newer websites, developers and managers should certainly deploy.

Those that want to continue logging in by sending plain text of their password/username can certainly do so via the present http: login, while those that do not could switch over to https:

Hammer459 6 years ago

Mint does not provide browser plug ins.

jose_manuel 6 years ago

Maybe it's a little Paranoid. But certainly it is a good idea !!!! I Promote this Idea.

remoulder 6 years ago

Not all of are so paranoid.