LM community site should provide image upload option

  8 years ago

I found a difference in LM community site and forum.

whenever we place any image on community tutorial site we need to mention url of the image. that means all images of the posted tutorial are store on 3rd party server. if any one account was deleted or suspended by the 3rd party then those tutorial will be effected that used effected account's images.

but on LM forum image upload option is available.

LM community site should provide image upload option. and store image on there own server.

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DestinTheGreat 7 years ago

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

sujitnag 7 years ago

I have not found any such idea still to day, I post this idea near 2 month ago.

plz, refer duplicate idea url whatever you point out.

DestinTheGreat 7 years ago

duplicate to the idea sketches

MagicMint 8 years ago

This fact bugs me too.

crismblog 8 years ago

Good ideea