Classification of tutorials

  8 years ago
  Under dev. review

There should be categories for tutorials, for example: for newbies, topics of general interest, tricks pertaining to programs, or guides for specific hardware, etc.

This could make navigation easier and more like in the forums; in my opinion keywords only is subjective and really database-oriented.
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gloriousigor 5 years ago

There are only about 1200 articles in the database. Heck, I could categorize that amount myself.

Also, probably a good percentage need to be deleted. Links to not very interesting web sites, etc. That's a sensitive issue, though.

It might also be nice to convert over to the wiki format so other people can modify articles. I wouldn't mind if someone with additional knowledge modified my tutorials or updated them with new info. Of course, the comment section offers similar functionality without the "stepping on toes" or "trolling" danger.

It might even be nice to merge with the ArchLinux wiki and use their site and resources, because they've figured out the wiki thingy, and why reinvent the wheel? They have an extremely useful and popular Linux wiki. We could add on a LM branch with the good stuff here.

jahid_0903014 7 years ago

good idea...

pitch 8 years ago


zantaz 8 years ago

its a bad idea ...

crismblog 8 years ago

Is a good idea, I hope to be implemented.

zantaz 8 years ago

nice idea ...

JasonPC 8 years ago

Sounds like a good idea

dsgna89 8 years ago

Great idea!

sujitnag 8 years ago

its a good idea and need to implement.

zantaz 8 years ago

its a good idea ...