Full disk Encryption

  8 years ago

For those who are more concerned with security. Mint should offer while installing a full disk encryption. (LUKS maybe .. )
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ulvhedin 4 years ago

I know that this "idea" is old, but... it is not full disk encryption in fact. /boot partition is outside the crypted area.

cork 7 years ago

I Agree!
I also think that the encryption key should have the option of loaded from an external usb disk. That way you could use a 128-bit key without having to type it in at startup.

Raed667 8 years ago

@Hammer459 : Your system leaves metadata everywhere ..

@remoudler : This is absolutely an Idea which is : full disk encryption option

quake0 8 years ago

They do in the installation. I do agree with you. Its a great Idea!

remoulder 8 years ago

This is an opinion not an idea

Hammer459 8 years ago

There is no need to encrypt the whole disk as it is only /home and possibly /opt & /data that holds data. Encrypting /, /bin & /usr will slow down the system without making it more secure

Raed667 8 years ago

what is available in default install in /home encryption

sujitnag 8 years ago

already available.