Create a tool in Linux Mint to browser and edit files as root! currently there is no graphical way

  10 years ago

(I know How 2 Use sudo But 4 Newbies is 2 hard!) currently there is no graphical way to edit files with restricted privileges. there are many tools (e.g. root actions) that allow to do these tasks using the context menu but it can bring some risks due to the easy to use of these tools and the high visibility of the options.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

As the Right Click in Nautilus brings up "open as Administrator" I'm going the mark this as implemented.
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passstab 9 years ago

seems this idea is obsoleat but chmod sometimes needs cli

orionthehunter 9 years ago

There is indeed a way, but it's not completely obvious. An administrative file browser accessible from the MintMenu that accesses the same administrator rights in Nautilus could be a nice addition.

frankeinstein 9 years ago

I was scratching my head when I read the idea at the top of the page (thinking that I must be missing something).
But no after reading the comment posted by Vincent I realised everything was OK and it wasn't me that was missing something.

Renzoku 10 years ago

Yes, creating some menu item like "Administrator" that
opens nautilus as root by default would be good.

VICTOR360 10 years ago

Omg Yeah How Did I Miss That! Thanks Vicent!

Vincent 10 years ago

There IS indeed a GUI way to edit text files with root privileges. Open Nautilus, browse to the folder which contains the files you'd like to edit, right-click and select "Open as Administrator".

VICTOR360 10 years ago

I know How 2 Use sudo But 4 Newbies is 2 hard!

remoulder 10 years ago

Maybe you should learn how to use sudo before you start suggesting alternatives?