add connection troubleshooting wizard

  12 years ago

connection problems are a frequent source of frustration and they can be hard
to troubleshoot for most people. A troubleshooting wizard could help do this by
finding the possible faults and suggesting solutions Mac, (windows 7 and maybe vista
too has this feature).
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RayWoods 10 years ago

A nice idea, probably something more for upstream than the Linux Mint Developers but, I will mark it as Considered.

New > Considered

baffle-boy 12 years ago

i sometimes have problems with connection, a simple wizard would e nice. not that big of a deal though.

RayWoods 12 years ago

As I'm currently having problems with my (cable) broadband supplier, Virgin Media, which I think is down to their old modem, any help on this score would be good. As it is I'm using to prove to them I'm getting <2Mb/s on a so called 10Mb/s service!

jesvtm 12 years ago

It would be great, but I think this should be done by Canonical.