8 years ago

How about a tutorial on start-up for first time users. There are many different options and advantages that beginners might not know. For example, the software manager might not be know at all by the beginners and of its usefulness. Just saying.

Georgos Papadopoulos
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tebibyte 8 years ago

I like the idea of little popup notifications that point to the different features and explain them when you first boot up. Not too advanced just the basics. Wireless set up is the biggest challenge because without it you can't search for help online from that computer. It would require a good amount of coding unfortunately, but it would help establish Linux Mint's reputation as being the most self explanatory operating system ever.

sujitnag 8 years ago

if any one not want to read no one help them, otherwise document is available
in diff lang.

remoulder 8 years ago

There are plenty of tutorials already plus the user manual accessible from the Welcome screen.