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  8 years ago

Currently on the community home page the number of users in each country is showed. That is nice and all that. But it represents a slightly skewed picture.
US has 3200 users, by far the highest number. India 750, Canada 600 and Sweden 220. To make a different view... divide by number of people (No exact science needed) and the number is suddenly different. US has 12 users per million, Canada 20, Sweden 24 and India less than 1! That would, IMHO, give a better picture of market penetration. At least as an alternate view.
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lib2know 6 years ago

Funny, the USA shines in deep green, while the rest of the world looks like the desert. For real they have 3 something percent of registered users in this community.
Europe appears completely grey, though they have more than double the users.

olorin12 8 years ago

I'm in favour of this, as an alternate view.

aegeas 8 years ago

Indeed current figures say a completely different, and not accurate, story than when compared to actual population.
When compared to population, according to Wikipedia, more accurate figures, for very few countries, are saying the following:

GREECE 11.000.000 213 0.19%
UK 63.000.000 974 0.15%
GERMANY 80.000.000 934 0.12%
MALTA 453.000 5 0.11%
US 316.000.000 3.303 0.10%
FRANCE 65.000.000 624 0.10%
ISRAEL 8.000.000 42 0.05%
INDIA 789 0.01%
CHINA 1.300.000.000 250 0.00%

That's way I fully promote this idea.

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago

How about an option to which one to choose ?

MagicMint 8 years ago

I don’t like biased statistics either, so I promote.

Hammer459 8 years ago

No exact science.... in the ballpark of 10% deviation is fine so update population once every 2 years or so gives a fairly accurate number.
But as it looks now US is pretty good and Iceland has a measly 22 users. but for every million people US has 12 Mint users and Iceland has 171. That is significant market penetration...
This kind of number is important to show how good Mint is.

sujitnag 8 years ago

according to your idea,
this web site need to update population of each country periodically.
but present dev no need this.
this is a concern of area.