Installer should offer check for newer version

  11 years ago

The Lucid livecd installer has a button to check for a newer version of the installer, why is this not available on the mint livecd? There is little point in updating to a newer version after installing and presumably newer versions are to fix bugs/problems, so users should be able to run the latest version to avoid these. A warning that internet access is required might be necessary.
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remoulder 9 years ago

@RayWoods: Not certain without checking, but seem to recall this might be in the installer for Mint 12 so might be implemented already.

RayWoods 9 years ago

I'm not sure how often this occurs but, if it does I would, like @remoulder, think it best to use the most recent (and presumably better) software.

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passstab 10 years ago

this is quite simalar to a netinstall

bunty-arnab 10 years ago

Must read The documentation related to Upgrading Mint...

LinuxWiz83 11 years ago

This should definitely be standard since linux is ahead in most of everything in the game against MicroSucks!!!!

thx1138 11 years ago

Sounds like an essential idea.