better support for icons

  11 years ago

i would like it if the site could handle larger images and, more importantly .png and .gif files, i have a lot of i cons i wanted to use but couldn't :(
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dagon 9 years ago


This idea is a duplicate of an earlier idea(no. 120) and therefore rejected:

baffle-boy 11 years ago

it's not actually about this icon, i just used it because i couldn't use any i really wanted to :(

Alexio 11 years ago

I think this idea is about the avatar used by baffle-boy.

In this case, the text written on the avatar image (the ¨icon¨) is too small for the 100 px × 100 px image in the JPEG format.

To me it sounds like a good idea!

thx1138 11 years ago

Why couldn't you?