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  11 years ago

There used to be an option to allow anonymous application usage information to be collected in the old Ubuntu Installer (no available with Mint 9). We could use a similar idea for Mint Software Manager usage and publish here on
Things like application reviews go a long way in helping new users get to grips with the choices available. Actually seeing a count of what others additionally install would go even further. (Might have to flag apps packaged in current release)
Adding country information used (or at least the download server used) and a 3 month delete policy for un-updated clients would give some interesting and reasonably live information for the community to see here in the software section.
Count for applications downloaded and almost live client count per country or region.

I dont know if its possible to collect data in that detail but an application download counter alone would be cool and perhaps easy. Log it by the month a bit like distrowatch. Maybe to keep it smaller only have the last 4 or 6 months data in total (or back as far as the last release if its longer).
What do you guys think?
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blueXrider 9 years ago

Need a time stamp on rejected ideas.

clem 10 years ago

It's feasible technically... we could have a client upload dpkg listings with a timestamp, but would it help us much? No. We've got enough information with the voting system already.

I like the idea of the timestamp though.. the concept that a vote isn't relevant past a certain age.

Mdyter 11 years ago

if user agrees to let the app collect anonymous data of software usage, and that would help developers too, why not?