8 years ago

There should be an option to check packages to make sure this os is not broken..
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jahid_0903014 8 years ago

good idea..

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago

the md5checksum is very confusing and hard to do for a noobie and that is why I proposed this idea but all I think the checker should do is make sure the components are ok.

xenopeek 8 years ago

There is an Integrity Check option in the boot menu of the ISO. If you don't want to do that because it is kinda slow, you can just use the md5sum command on the the ISO file and compare the result with the published MD5 sum for the ISO you downloaded (it's displayed on the download page).

However, whether the ISO will work on your hardware or not may be dependent on your specific hardware. Sometimes you have problematic hardware (like AMD or Nvidia) and you might need to toggle some boot parameters to force the kernel to do, or not do, something during boot so that it will work with your hardware until you can install the additional hardware drivers your specific hardware needs.

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago


When you download a .iso image for linux mint you cannot be sure if the image will work or not even if you took like 20 minutes downloading so i propose a checker from linux mint that makes sure that it is ok.

xenopeek 8 years ago

Please be more specific, it is unclear what you mean. Perhaps give a possible scenario as an example?

Keeping your system consistent is built into APT--meaning APT at all stages tries to keep the dependencies of all installed packages satisfied (unless you explicitly tell it to not do that) and will inform you when you have ended up in a situation where dependencies can't be satisfied (for example when trying to install some very old package downloaded from the Internet that needs libraries that have been superseded on modern GNU distros, or when you have removed so repositories that hold packages needed by a package you are trying to install from another repository).

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago

Ideas without context are meaningless?

remoulder 8 years ago

Ideas without context are meaningless however the ability to check for broken packages already exists in the apt system and there are various applications to utilise it.

Hammer459 8 years ago

This is a good idea. The basics is already there in the form of a MD-sum to make sure you did get the entire ISO without problems

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago

Tell me if this is a duplicate idea.