Accurate Listing

  9 years ago

When ideas are rejected then I think it would be better if they never showed up in the list of top ideas. Since they have been rejected and should be moved on to a legacy list.
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zantaz 6 years ago

you are a magic human ...

Craig 7 years ago

No problem, glad the other idea was put forward though!

dagon 7 years ago

As idea 275 is taken into consideration this one is rejected.

blueXrider 8 years ago

someone needs to clean the chaff

frankeinstein 9 years ago

Great idea. It would certainly tidy the list up.

Lopau 9 years ago

I agree with keyneom

keyneom 9 years ago

This is a good idea, the opposite should be done as well, once an idea is implemented it should be removed from the list as well.