Consider replacing Banshee as the default music player

  9 years ago

Banshee's Mono dependency makes it somewhat clunky and unreliable, due to Mono's tendency to lock up not only a Mono application but also any others that happen to be running.

Although a Qt app, the Clementine music player (a developed version of Amarok) in my experience is a much faster and smoother experience, and importantly integrates support for more music streaming services then Banshee.

Importantly, it also has excellent cross-platform support for both Windows and Mac OS, which while not critical to Linux Mint, eases things for people like me who still work across several platforms but would like to share a music library (Banshee has had basically no development on it's Windows version for a while).

There are other options, but the central idea is more "don't depend on Mono for a basic desktop app if it's not reliable" - which Mono kind of isn't.
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moose918 4 years ago

I really liked Clementine, until it started to have a serious problem where it would skip halfway through every song I would play. Only to find out that it was a bug. It was really good while it lasted

aks1969nl 6 years ago

Actually I promote the central thought: "Don't depend on apps if not reliable".
There are a lot of media players in LM. Mostly do I use VLC. For (MP3) music do I use Audacious. I have used Clementine but on my system it crashed.

squid-f 7 years ago

I have used Banshee for some time. But it started to crash about 1 or 2 years ago and it is now too much unreliable.
I don't know whether Clementine is the best choice. I am testing Exaile right now. But, anyway, it is worth considering to move away from Banshee.

hskov 8 years ago

Banshee kept crashing on my system, so I switched to Clementine. Never going back!

jahid_0903014 8 years ago

fully support it!

dogsolitude_uk 8 years ago

Clementine's great, but I'm having problems mapping my NAS drive it it on Linux Mint 12, and personally I like Banshee because I can use it to stream radio stations (I like Radio 3 with a coffee on a Saturday morning).

I think though you make an important point about the use of cross-platform software, and bundling Mint with Clementine won't stop anyone using Banshee, so I'm promoting this suggestion :)

KOLEGA 8 years ago

I prefer Banshee for "clearer" user experience, but Clementines rocks for abilities, multiplatfoming, etc.

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago

Makes sense PROMOTING

onstrike 8 years ago

I'd agree, going to Clem as a music player would be a good idea, since Banshee, although good in it's own way, isn't the best currently out there. Promoting this.

jbitbang 8 years ago

First I'm happy to see this idea already here. Banshee is good software but Mint always has the best of breed and at this time that would be Clementine. Also I strongly agree as a developer about the Mono problem and further as a indie game dev we couldn't develop for Android using mono without purchasing a licenses from a novell affiliate. That'd said: I'd ask you guys to check out both players before voting! Banshee is good software but at this time Clem is better. ;)

aegeas 9 years ago

A very good idea and well explained too. Promoting.

Hammer459 9 years ago

This is the first "change default player"-idea that has some merit and a well explained rationale.
Promote as this is well founded and not (so much) personal preference