Decrease the (increasing) gap between LiveCD and LiveDVD

  12 years ago

Since storage and technology in general won't stop evolving, DVD and 64bits seem to be THE future, while CD and 32bits seem to go on being "obsolete".

BUT, for retrocompatibility reasons, these versions must continue to be made, because some computers still dont have DVD readers, or are 32 bits.

Specifically speaking about DVD vs CD, some strategy could be taken to minimize the "burden" of having the "wrong" version, or needing to use this version.

I suggest to do the following:

1) relax the restriction of keeping around 700Mb on the DVD. Since the switch has been made, the new restriction is 4+GB, so a lot more usefull stuff could be added there, making it even more "out of the box" to run from DVD;

2) on LiveDVD install, add an option to do a "full", "standard" and "minimal" install (for example), so the system should not always be "bloated" with stuff that won't be used;

3) on USB-Creator, create a disk image of approximately 1GB (or at least NOT the full 4+GB... ;o)

4) the most important: include an easy option for the CD user to install all or part of the missing packages (at least the important system ones) from internet, be it during installation, be it with a metapackage;

That's it for the moment, comments are much welcome! :o)
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RayWoods 10 years ago

We are governed by the physics of the two types of media and no doubt we will be having a simular exchange as the ISO size grows towards 4.7GB. I suppose the users will tell us when 32 bit is done. (Hell! when I started playing with microprocessors they were only four bits wide!!)

New > Rejected

heltonbiker 12 years ago

You're right, but I remember to have read something about 64 bits become more "equal" to 32 in Isadora than it was in Helena. Anyway, I always wanted to have a 64 bit machine, and since I now have one, I want to use it :o)

Diego9000 12 years ago

I agree in certain points, the future is a DVD 64 bits..but if you look closely to the DVD version contents, you will notice that the CD version is a bit more complete, except a few programs, and there's no difference, like is said on the website, between 32 and 64 bits except the support for more than 4 GB of RAM