Add Seamonkey to the software manager/ respotories

  8 years ago

We should add Seamonkey (The internet suite to the software) It is true there are alot of different browsers , but this will is not any ordinary with its built in composer, email client, and rss reader and this will cater a different group of people that still want these. P.S. Opera could do these, except the composer, but its closed sourced and not updated very often.) :)

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DestinTheGreat 8 years ago


Thx I mean really thank you of at least giving me a reply and a logical one at that. You sir are way better than some people .
I now see the logic behind your argument to.:)

xenopeek 8 years ago

The idea was clear to me :) 3rd party packages included in the Linux Mint repository are all imported; meaning they were pre-packaged for Ubuntu/Debian and the Linux Mint developers copied the packages to the Linux Mint repository. If you take a look at the repository you'll see there are but very few such packages (almost all imported packages are MATE packages, which are needed for the MATE edition).

Without meaning to diminish Seamonkey, it's not on the same level as say Skype. Users expect Skype to be available, while only users that specifically need Seamonkey will be looking for it--the majority of users will be using the default browser.

With there already being a PPA for Seamonkey, and Seamonkey not being pre-installed on Linux Mint, and the majority of users using the default browser, there's not a direct case from Linux Mint perspective to import Seamonkey packages into the Linux Mint repository--except for the minority of users that want to use Seamonkey. As shared, there are various ways for those users to install it.

If you want to promote Seamonkey use, how about writing a review about on the forums? Compare its features with default installed applications, showing where it offers an edge.

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago


You have made good points yet my idea is to go back and include in the software manager and respotories to help save additional work. P.S. Thx for the heads up of this way.I hope you understand. :)

xenopeek 8 years ago

Seamonkey was last included with Linux Mint 9. It has since been removed from the package base repositories and to get it you can either use the Stable PPA ( or install it by hand (no .deb package!) from the official website ( The Stable PPA is a bit outdated though and seems to be not very active (last build was done 17 weeks ago, and that failed); it has version 2.19 instead of latest stable 2.21 and it doesn't have a package for Ubuntu 13.10 (or thus Linux Mint 16).

There is a another PPA for the development version, but that holds no packages. There is also "ubuntuzilla" that claims you can add their repository to install Seamonkey but doing so results in installation of a program that fails to run and the installation gave errors about half the repository failing their authentication checks (O.o)

So, the easiest way to install Seamonkey is to add the Stable PPA from above though this will give you a bit older version. The best way to install it is from the website itself, though you need to muddle on the command line a bit to do the manual installation as they don't have a .deb package. Looks a bit like a struggling project to me :(

From Linux Mint 15 adding PPA's has become trivially easy, with you just having to open Software Sources, click on the PPA button, and add the PPA there. For Seamonkey, you would add "ppa:bratherlui/seamonkey".

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago

Will someone plz check to be sure I cant right now because of a little techincall difficulties.

DestinTheGreat 8 years ago


I did not know :0

quake0 8 years ago

I think it is.