Community website: Support to specify duplicated and related ideas

  9 years ago

An editable table as

"Duplicate of" / "Related to" | < link > | < status >

for each idea.

I think this will improve the communication of ideas.
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jahid_0903014 8 years ago

good idea..

donalduck 9 years ago

I think tags are very "handy".
visualization is more complicated, I suggest any user can grab the raw data in one click, and make his own graph soup.
so maybe its worth another idea !

flaviu 9 years ago

@donalduck Are you sure creating and visualizing "a global (mind)map of all ideas" is more practical than a plain table?

Tags/hashes are good ideed, I would support such ideea, but that would be a another feature improving the communication (searches) as it is for example on

These 2 features are not mutually exclusive; they are complementary.

donalduck 9 years ago

I like the title idea, but not the implementation you suggest with "editable table". I think it is quite impractical and time consuming indeed !

why not let the promoter/user specify tag words, and the admins let community users grab the data and vizualise somehow a global (mind)map of all ideas ?

flaviu 9 years ago

Perhaps users and mods could both edit that table using their knowledge and common sense. I used this kind of feature on Mantis Bug Tracker and it was useful.

Hammer459 9 years ago

@remoulder both you and I have pointed out duplicate ideas referring them in the comment field. If it was as easy as entering a number in the "duplicate of" field would make it easier. Full well knowing that it of course never would be exhaustive.

remoulder 9 years ago

This initially seems a good suggestion but is actually illogical and impractical. Who would complete the table, users or mods? I doubt mods would have the time to double check every post and if users then would it be the OP or other users? If the OP then why have it at all, why post a duplicate knowing it as such, better to simply not post a duplicate, and if related to another post then comment on that post rather than creating a new one. If other users then any changes would need to be verified and vetted by mods who again probably don't have the time.

Hammer459 9 years ago

Very good idea