Fixed hold upon user selected packages within Mint Update

  7 years ago

Hello one and all.

The Problem
Having recently returned to LMDE (32 bit 201303) and updated to Update Pack 7 I experienced problems with the gvfs packages on my Sony VAIO Notebook. Surfing the Forums pointed me to the cause being gvfs 1.16.3-1 however, the proffered solution didn't work for me. To overcome the problem I just reinstalled LMDE again and, when running the Updater, deselected the gvfs group so I could remain on the older 1.12.3-1+b1 release.

The Idea
I cannot be the only user who needs to block certain updates and ends up with a permanent Update waiting icon on the bottom of the screen. Could the Updater be changed so the User may place a cross against the specific rogue update? The effect should be, not to install the specific package(s) but to show that the rest of the system as being up to date. Once a newer version of the package is released and, hopefully your bug mended, the block could then be removed.

Data on the placing of these "blocks" during updates could also be automatically (if the user agrees) flagged up to the Development Team, thereby alerting them to a potential problem with that package in Linux Mint.
Latest comments
RayWoods 7 years ago

Yes, I know, however wouldn't it be more new user friendly and quicker for everyone to be able to do this without the need to search through the drop-down menus? Currently you have to enter into the ignore list, word for word, an entry for each update package you wish the system to ignore; surely it would be easier and far more user friendly to click a "don't update/ignore" tickbox instead of the update tickbox in the package update list? On my current ignore list there are six packages and you only need to miss-spell one character to get it wrong.

glebihan 7 years ago

This is already implemented.
Right-click a package, select "ignore updates for this package".
To un-ignore an update, go to the preferences dialog, "Ignored packages" tab.