Add different colored mint gtk themes/icons/cinnamon themes

  5 years ago


I know that Linux Mint has a tradition to remain green and I dont want to change that, however I dont like the default green theme and everytime I install the Distro, I have to add an another theme to get the colors i like. I think I am not the only one.
I suggest to include different colored mint theme sets, so we could change to these if we dont like the default green.
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jahid_0903014 5 years ago

add themes on your own will

DestinTheGreat 5 years ago

It will be a nice touch as @dogsolitude_uk said it isn't completely necessary but it will be nice.

dogsolitude_uk 5 years ago

Whereas I appreciate that downloading and installing themes may seem a bit strange/annoying at first, this is actually a result of Linux's flexibility rather than a drawback. I mean, if you think about it, there are 16-million-odd colours available, and combined with the number of fonts, variations in spacing, background wallapers and so forth it's going to be really difficult to have a fully comprehensive set of themes that will keep everyone happy.

For example, the theme of my desktop (Linux Mint, Mate desktop) is a very dark brown with a kind of golden yellow for highlights. It's a combination of Clearlooks for the buttons and stuff, Shiki Dust for window borders and Mint-X Dark for icons (I like the computer icon in that set).

So I'm really neither for this idea or against it really: adding my own themes and tweaking things doesn't bother me, but if more were added it wouldn't really ruin my life. TBH though, many Linux themes I've seen have been pretty naff and seem to suffer from Vista-envy with shiny buttons and things. The ones that come with Mint are at least clean and pretty mature/elegant/businesslike.

Hammer459 5 years ago

Anyone is free to add any theme to their own computer. It is pointless to assume that the original distro can satisfy everyones taste so therefore I must say that it is good enough to have the default theme. Additional themes discussion belongs in the artwork forum in the Forums section (link at bottom of this page