10 years ago

A replacement screensaver configuration tool. It would be similar to Gnome Screensaver, but allow better configuration options such as paths to picture folders and other options that X Screensavers allow but Gnome Screensaver won't let you set.

X Screensaver is decent, but not as simple and elegant as Gnome Screensaver. Gnome Screensaver isn't nearly as configurable as X Screensaver, which means that some screensaver modules don't function properly without hand-editing configuration files.

MintSaver could be an in-between step. Still simple and elegant, but has just enough options to easily get all screensavers functioning to the user's needs.
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mikefreeman 9 years ago

I think most people these days use screensavers as a sort of art form. When I'm not using it, the computer can become a changing picture frame, moving modern art, or goofy humor. It's not about functionality anymore, but about personal enjoyment of the computer beyond just a tool.

orionthehunter 9 years ago

Do people seriously still use screensavers? Screenburn isn't really an issue anymore, and when it is you can just sleep the monitor. I'm demoting this because it seems like wasted time from my perspective.

dagon 9 years ago

I agree completely!

jhpassarelli 9 years ago

Good idea! :-)

heltonbiker 10 years ago

I should suggest that electricsheep sould be shipped with LiveDVD, is's simply by far the greatest screensaver I've ever seen.