Create a Bug Report Tool to report bugs directly from inside Mint

  12 years ago

Since Isadora was released (or indeed always a new release comes out), probably many users would have some minor problems to report, but do not know exactely what to do or where to go. A bug report which could send the issues directly to the right people of the team would be great for both sides: users and team.
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sdibaja 8 years ago

a software reporting tool would be great, especially for RCs

oscar799 10 years ago

In view of the comments already made I'm marking this idea as "Rejected"

hemimaniac 12 years ago

I am going to have to agree with justin on this, as an active member in the forums and in the IRC channels, I actually do see more errors and crashes due to improperly informed users and tweaking that was never really meant to be implemented into the OS. Now with that aside, take into the consideration the fact that there are very useful tools already in place for such reporting, in the end with the influx of new users that are sometimes sent here (linux camp) for the wrong reasons (eg. glory stories of ease of use, simplicity, and overall enjoyment), it is the opinion of this poster that a tool such as this would be misused to the point of removal eventually.

Also I find the willingness of people (from all OS origins) is greatly reduced with the introduction of each new tool such as this, a saying that has been the underlay of linux is RTFM. Now not to be rude, i feel that the inception of a tool such as this would really reduce self-dependency to an all new low.

Also as remoulder and justin pointed out, there are areas for this to take place already, and the spreading around of it would ultimately create a type of problem-dump that would have to be moderated and sifted holding up actual work and progress on the OS. The pointing out of 3rd party apps/programs installs not originally packaged was a nice touch by justin.

Final thought:
Is this really a needed tool or just something "wanted" to adjust the likeness to other OSs leaving behind the native feeling of independence that has been strived for?

Alexio 12 years ago

Mozilla Prism or the Jolicloud's Nickel browser could be used to show the discussion area for problems, with a desktop shortcut called ¨Report Problems¨ available by default.

remoulder 12 years ago

A discussion area for problems already exists, the forums, why duplicate it here? It has already been suggested to Clem that a section for discussion of Beta problems be created. The team do read the forums and hopefully pick up on any recurring problems, some of the regular contributors also consolidate problems.

heltonbiker 12 years ago

The suggestion by @Alexio was the sort of thing I was thinking indeed, some sort of an "user level" layer to report problems that belong to the user level, since many of us perhaps cannot distinguish the faulty instance of the OS that is causing some problem. Also, if we lose the oportunity to receive reports of minor usage problems, perhaps some information will delay too long to be widely recognized as a recurrent problem.

Alexio 12 years ago

I think that a new section of this community website could be used to gather the problems reported by the users, in a similar way like the software reviews. Then, each problem can be discussed by the community and when there is a relevant issue a developer may write the bug report on the Launchpad website.

justin 12 years ago

Lost my previous post I had typed which was a lot better...but, in regards to this, I think that this would generate a lot of problem reports that aren't really problems, as @remoulder has suggested. You can stop by IRC and view a lot of this, it's the inability to know how to use things or where to locate them.

Also, there are a lot of things which are not the responsibility of the Mint team. There is certainly a separation of user-space and kernel levels, however a lot of things which are "bugs" as it were are consequential either of the environment or items that were done post-installation which affect the shipped or "official" packages. If an application is installed via a 3rd party PPA for example and experiences issues with the system, the crashes should be reported to that application dev team, not the Mint team, as they would not have a hand in that application. This would, in my belief, hinder bug reports getting from where they need to go.

Additionally, there is the question of duplicates. Many of these bug reports, I can imagine would be duplicated. Launchpad helps to manage that by creating one problem ticket and then allowing updates/attachments/patches etc all residing in one convenient location attached to the problem in question. This helps to sort out the same problem being reported multiple times.

There is an application in Ubuntu for reporting kernel crashes to the team, called kerneloops. I have not seen firsthand the usefulness of it, but I could imagine if there was a built-in crash reporter, I would say it should be kernel-level only and not affect the user-space.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome.

heltonbiker 12 years ago

@ remoulder: it sure makes sense, about overwhelming the team. Perhaps still some intermediate alternative could be thought of. Thanks for commenting.

remoulder 12 years ago

Bug reports are handled on launchpad which is just a website, there is a link in the release notes. You need to have an account on launchpad in order to submit reports. The problem I see with your idea is that many users would just report problems which aren't really bugs, thus overwhelming the teams ability to deal with genuine bugs.