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 TRIM support for Solid State Drives.

Created 8 years ago, edited 8 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

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SSDs are becoming a fact of life, and will only become more prevalent as costs come down. Personally, one of the two notebooks onto which I'm
going to install Mint 9 contains an (a?) SSD.

It would be nice if someone could provide the information needed to backport the 2.6.33 kernel (TRIM is supported) to Mint 9.

If this rationally can't be done (e.g., doing this amounts to creating Mint 10), then the current best solution would be if someone could provide the information on how to perform the TRIM operation manually, from the terminal.

Can we get TRIM support for our SSDs right now?


5 years ago

Whoever thinks this is a question as asperger's syndrome. Let me rephrase this in a language your type understand "Add user-friendly support for TRIM."

I was debating whether to use Windows 7 or Mint with my SSD now on the way and this pretty much answers my question. I'm an "intermediate" user, but I'm not going to risk my expensive SSD drive over a mistyped setting.

I was really hoping Linux would be ahead of the curve on this one but apparently not. :(
6 years ago

Question not an idea.

New > Rejected
6 years ago

Take the question to the forums  
7 years ago

As much as I don't like comparisons to M$ this seems to be needed. Though my best advice is to just wait. As you said they are more prevalent so the Linux community as a whole will integrate this feature. Suggestion to the Mint team is not required.  

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