usb stick formatter and usb image writer should detect multiple partitions on usb device & act accordingly

  8 years ago

It's great that usb stick formatter & usb image writer are included in linux mint 16. But none of them can detect multiple partitions. I have three partitions on my pendrive, first one i use for general use, second one is for live dvd of linux mint, and third one is for boot repair disk. So technically, those two are useless for me and those who uses multiple partitions. So multiple partition feature should be added on those two softwares and should be made available through upgrade as soon as possible.
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GILINUX 7 years ago

Yes It could be very useful for everyone ! I promote !

grungy_me 7 years ago

I totally agree! This is actually something I was going to submit as an idea. But now I can just promote and comment about it. In these days of high capacity USB flash drives, it's not uncommon to have multiple partitions on them. And these tools should be able to both respect and work with them so that data on other partitions is not destroyed.

KOLEGA 7 years ago

Agree with remoulder, but even though higher functionality would be nice, so agree

remoulder 8 years ago

These are basic tools that suit the requirements of the vast majority of users, those who have more complex needs should expect to look elsewhere.