default file copy operation with queue feature

  7 years ago

It will be a great help if the default file copy operation includes queue feature i.e when a new copy is started it shouldn't start immediately and simultaneously with existing copy operation and slow them both, it should wait in a queue for the completion of the first.

If this is implemented then the small size files might have to wait for bigger files for a long time.

So it would be better to have a option to choose whether to add the files to a queue or not.
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ngabor7 5 years ago

Related request I posted on GitHub:

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

"Is there any way to disable this feature?"
Most probably not...

And yes queuing copy file and delete file should be handled differently and one shouldn't wait for another to finish first.

sgbeal 6 years ago

Is there any way to disable this feature? It's annoying as hell that DELETES are are queued up while long-running copies run and run and run over a network for half an hour. Queuing of copying/moving, i can agree with, but queuing of deletes is just downright annoying.

lestcape 7 years ago

You can use ultracopier:

Can be added a python script to handled ultracopier on the popup menu of nemo, using the nemo actions... I don't know if this nemo action was added or not, but i make this for nautilus, so, i can share the code to be use on nemo without a problem... I don't know of any tool on any operating system that brings advanced options as default for copy the files.

remoulder 7 years ago

Duplicate, please search before posting

Hammer459 7 years ago

Good idea, I have been annoyed many times by this bug