include a help menu in the community website

  7 years ago

new users in this site find themselves in a fix when they give some idea without context and tutorials like spams and get infavourable comments and get depressed and then complain in the forum. and many of them don't know the options available here and what they are actually for.

so i suggest a help menu with suggestions/rules about giving an idea or tutorial and explaining how things happen here.

that will give the moderators enough free time to review productive ideas and tutorials and to take part in developing linuxmint in a great extent rather than fighting with spams and unnecessary things.
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xenopeek 7 years ago

I've written a draft tutorial with Guidelines for submitting new Ideas, which I hope answers to the issues you address here. I'd welcome additions, corrections, other feedback and questions. Please share those on that tutorial.

As for changing this website, that needs an enthusiast user to take the Community site software forward. It's open source: Fork it, add a new feature, and do a pull request.

While there will be those that don't want to hear me saying this, or will insist that the Linux Mint developers do everything while they themselves lean back in their armchairs, the Linux Mint developers can't possibly work on everything and anything.

Cinnamon has many volunteer contributors to take it forward, as does MATE, as do the Mint tools. The Community site software similarly needs volunteer contributors if we want it taken forward.

KOLEGA 7 years ago

Agree with both comments before me I am afraid to, that i wont be read ...

OT: Seing Hammer459 and remoulder in one topic active? Just WOW :D

Hammer459 7 years ago

@remoulder you are correct I am afraid that most incorrect posts are made by people who just does not read this kind of instruction page. But in time this will change I hope. Maybe it should be mandatory reading at least once.

remoulder 7 years ago

Been suggested before and fwiw agree, those who make the kinds of post mentioned however, just don't read or if they do, understand or take any notice of such things.

Hammer459 7 years ago

Very good idea imho