Create a 'wizard' and a 'non-wizard' mode on MintSoftware

  12 years ago

Many softwares, freewares (specially Winwows ones) come with a 'wizard' option for those who prefer a simple and guided (foolproof) way to configure or use the program. Winzip, Nero, and a handful more have this feature, aka 'basic vs. expert' modes.

Perhaps it could be thought of, as time passes and new releases come by, to create this kind of interface for the main Mint programs, like the very system installer, mintbackup, and anymore that come around.

Since one of the intents of Mint is being most user friendly, we should remember many users are quite scared in front of a non-familiar system (those who migrate from windows specially), so they could feel more comfortable doing things this way.
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RayWoods 10 years ago

As stated below, changes within applications isn't within the gift of the Linux Mint Developers. Sorry.

New > Rejected

blueXrider 11 years ago

As we all know Mint Team does not develop programs.
That said it would be nice to have "Wizard" that could take the tarballs or the Debs or the RPM's and install them without using the command line.

Renzoku 12 years ago

Good idea but things to take account:
- On "independent" apps that should be responsibility of the
software creators/mantainers.
- Many of those apps implement that.
- There aren't many mint created apps, aren't they? Other
example? Personally, I think mintbackup seems super
simple an clear to make a Wizard for it.