Guidelines / Help Icon in New Idea screen

  6 years ago

We see lot of ideas (which are either feature requests /issues) specific to Desktop environments (especially Cinnamon)or related to other applications or upstream.

Can we have an icon in New idea screen which hyperlinks to a Guidelines Content perhaps as a separate pop-up window?

I am not saying, this will solve everything but at least some people may genuinely read and share their ideas in the right place.

I am not sure whether we can take it to next level by asking users to tick a check box which says "I have read Guidelines..bla...bla". Some may find it annoying though. And users can still tick and not read, which i suppose is the common user case ;-))
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xenopeek 5 years ago

I've written a draft tutorial with Guidelines for submitting new Ideas, which I hope answers to the issues you address here. I'd welcome additions, corrections, other feedback and questions. Please share those on that tutorial.

As for changing this website, that needs an enthusiast user to take the Community site software forward. It's open source: Fork it, add a new feature, and do a pull request.

While there will be those that don't want to hear me saying this, or will insist that the Linux Mint developers do everything while they themselves lean back in their armchairs, the Linux Mint developers can't possibly work on everything and anything.

Cinnamon has many volunteer contributors to take it forward, as does MATE, as do the Mint tools. The Community site software similarly needs volunteer contributors if we want it taken forward.

highwind 6 years ago

Without this kind of guide, I already become the one who give idea which actually not that "Mint"...


anandrkris 6 years ago

@Hammer459 > Thanks.
@jahid_0903014 > Oops, Looks like I had promoted your idea but somehow missed it...Anyways let this be here and will see if it garners more votes ;-)

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

the same thing is needed for tutorials too. i gave an idea almost similar to this one which suggest to have a help menu in this website containing suggestions/rules for writing ideas/tutorials, several weeks ago:

though, i am promoting this one too....

Hammer459 6 years ago

Similar ideas have been suggested before but since it makes sense I promote this one too