An option to make a tutorial "preferred" and an additional filter "preferred" in the search option to find them

  7 years ago

when i promote a tutorial, a link of that tutorial is added to "My tutorials" page. but that list is growing very large.
i need only several of those tutorials for my own use.
it's possible to search them by filtering.
but some tutorials i left to check out later and don't even remember the title or content, now how can i find them from the pile of my promoted tutorials?

So i suggest an option in every tutorial page to mark that tutorial as "preferred" & an option "preferred tutorials" in "MY PLACES" list or a filter "preferred" in the search option to find them easily.
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remoulder 7 years ago

A valid point, the search facilities on this site are a little woeful, however I would prefer a site wide page bookmarking ability rather than your specific suggestion.