Integrate MetaTracker

  8 years ago

A feature that's really missing from the Mint desktop experience, particularly through Nemo, is the ability to do fast full-text searching.

On Win 7+ this is handled by the system-wide indexer - the Gnome equivalent product being Tracker.

Tracker is *very* fast and light on memory for what it does (outside of the initial indexing step) and uses inotify to stay abreast of file updates. It would be great if the Mint desktop incorporated it more fully, at least as an obvious user-option.

Nemo already should build with integrated Tracker support from it's Nautilus origins, and most of the search tools work seamlessly under Mint already.

The benefit here is pure speed: currently searching from Nemo leads to a disk thrash. Searching the tracker index takes under a second to scour your entire home directory.
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zantaz 8 years ago

Good idea . Tell to developer if its do .

Hammer459 8 years ago

Nemo ideas goes here: