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  6 years ago

Hi All,

MDM theme artists would be aware of the wonderful emulator (mdm-theme-emulator) using which a theme can be previewed. (by selecting index.html).

Now this functionality is pretty useful to check for any errors that crop up and helps identifying them. Unfortunately, this is primarily used by theme artists but most of the users are not aware of this feature. I feel, this can be exposed even to regular users to preview / test the theme before applying it. This has the advantage of identifying how the theme would appear and also catch any compatibility issues.

Note: Some of the old Mint 13 maya themes fail to load in Mint Petra and users faced issue of not being able to login and have to tty to startx the session. I feel, issues like this could be avoided by using the existing mdm-theme-emulator.

To me it looks, trivial to implement but I am not a programmer. ;-)

Change required to automatically add list of users, sessions and open the index.html of selected theme file in MDM. (mdmsetup)
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anandrkris 3 years ago

This actually got implemented.

Jessey-Lawson 6 years ago

This would be verry usefull.

remoulder 6 years ago

MDM (and Cinnamon) may have been created by the linuxmint team and used in versions of the linuxmint distro, but they are separate open source projects in their own right and changes could affect other distros or projects. STM this area is for things that relate only to the linuxmint distro and it's websites.

anandrkris 6 years ago

Hmm. MDM is an application created by Mint Team and is used across ALL desktop environments (Cinnamon, MATE and KDE), so I thought it fits here.

Cinnamon issues go to Cinnamon. MDM issues go to MDM. If we extrapolate it this way, am thinking what qualifies here as an idea! Anyways...

Realized issue already exists here >

remoulder 6 years ago

This seems to be a software change request which should be posted at not here.