Mint menu - add subfolder support

  6 years ago

So I just discovered that Mint menu does not support subfolders within the main category of folders. I would like to see showing subfolders within Mint menu as being possible. My main example being the issue of Windows programs being installed with WINE. These Windows programs often have multiple menu entries in addition to several subfolders and entries within them. With the current setup of Mint menu in LinuxMint 16 Cinnamon, it just shows all of the Windows program Launchers minus the subfolders within the WINE folder. Which creates a real chaotic looking mess making it more difficult to find the actual Program Launcher. Thank you. :)
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lestcape 5 years ago

You can see this: and ofcourse that you can place here any idea that you have...

Jessey-Lawson 6 years ago

the name does not matter, the issue needs to be fixed as KDE has subfolders, and so doe the others so why not Cinnamon menu and mint menu?

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

mintmenu is not installed by default in LM petra cinnamon. it uses cinnamon menu instead (as a default menu).
above idea seems to me about the cinnamon menu not the mint menu.

i may be wrong, but it is still a good idea.
so if it is about the cinnamon menu then go to github page as mentioned by @remoulder and open a issue there.

Hammer459 6 years ago

@remoulder Mint menu is NOT Cinnamon, it is very distinctly Linux Mint. It goes on both Cinnamon and MATE

remoulder 6 years ago

Cinnamon ideas go at not here