PPA Search in Software Sources

  6 years ago

In Software Sources, currently you can add / edit / delete PPA's. Mint Team made it trivial to add PPA's and even fix some of PPA issues even for new users. This is much essential as not all application packages are hosted in Software Manager and many users complain about applications missing / older application version.

Am thinking if it is possible for the Mint team (along with community support)to maintain a list of popular PPA's and have a simple search feature (package name / description based)for the applications /software.

While this may seem to be a Herculean task to track the changes in PPA's and check if they're active or not but with strong support from Community and with a rating system and user feedback for PPA's, this can be built as a repository gradually over a period of time.

Of course, the usual caveat must be in place that Mint team is not responsible for applications not working or other issues. ;-)
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anandrkris 5 years ago

"Things are not much better even on Linux Mint. The distro does have a tool called ‘Software Sources’ where you can add PPAs without having to deal with command line (though one should not fear it). However there is no tool to ‘search’ LaunchPad for available PPAs, you still have to use Google and that’s quite painful.

So the software management still needs some work in Linux Mint, especially in the area of searching and install packages from PPAs. I think a feature which can easily search PPAs and install packages from within that tool will be quite useful for Linux Mint users."

Jessey-Lawson 6 years ago

yah this is an annoying pain in the butt and should be implimated.