Improve the Linux Mint applications catalog

  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

Use some design ideas and functionality from the LiberKey applications catalog such as:

1. Multilingual presentation (at least in English and French).

2. Use more categories for a software package.

3. Simulation mode to show the space to be used by the applications selected to be installed (show the download size and the required disk space for each software with the required dependencies).

4. Options to share the URL on other websites.

5. Statistics for each software in the past 7 days, in the past 30 days and from the release of the latest version of the ISO (maybe also for older versions). Also, the software rankings by categories may be interesting.

6. Use the tree to show/hide categories and subcategories, like the LiberKey's portable applications catalog.

7. Allow multiple screenshots to show most of the features for a software package.
Latest comments
Forseti 10 years ago

Please add more subcategories into Software manager. Forexample:

Software development (I don't know if it's the right name, I have czech translation on my system)
- IDEs
- C / C++
- Java
- ...

I mean the same way as in Games or Internet

RayWoods 10 years ago


New > Considered

blueXrider 11 years ago

I would be preaching to the Choir If I added anything here.

Agreed, needs help

plaguethenet 12 years ago

The statistics might be a bit much, But the multilingual support and multi-screenshot get a thumbs up from me.

Alexio 12 years ago

This idea is about the possible improvements for the "Software packages" section of this community website and also for the new Software Manager.

Jerry 12 years ago

I think that most reviews have seen the Mint software package container and Mint menu structure as a positive feature set in this distribution. The current menu structure is easy to customize.