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 A Fix Swap, Hibernate, Suspend Button

Created 5 years ago, edited 5 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

11 votes

Just a simple button or link in the Menu or some other easy to find place which will run a script to discover the current UUID of swap and then replace the old UUID in all the files necessary with the new UUID, so that Hibernate and Suspend will work again when broken due to a change in the UUID of swap. This breaking of Hibernate and Suspend due to change in UUID of Swap is a constant problem seen in the help forums.


5 years ago

This is not an idea on how to make Mint more useful. This is possibly a bug report. Please start in the Forums, link at the bottom of this page.  
5 years ago

I don't see changes to the UUID of swap as a constant problem in the mint forums. The UUID only changes when a user has made changes to the partitions on a drive, not something that most users do regularly, and those that do usually know what they are doing and how to fix any resultant problems. I don't see how your idea would be useful for the majority of users.  

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