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  11 years ago

We are generating many ideas. Good, bad, whatever.
Many may not be for the realm of Linux Mint. As such they are not likely to get read by those who's realm they are in.
For example I know we can have the text location bar back in Nautilus if we all really want it as its a config setting, but we cant realistically ask for the return of the "TEXT/BUTTON Location bar" toggle button as its out of our Mint hands. (correct me if I'm wrong in all this)

What are the pages on other relevant sites for sections of our Linux. Can we publish links here someplace.
Also, as much of the energy and excitement is from new users, is it possible to have a brake down of roughly what is covered/developed by who. A map, if you like, of the composite architecture that is Linux Mint.
I don't want to send the ideas away but rather find a way to give them a better voice.
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RayWoods 9 years ago

Just Google Linux or go to Distrowatch, etc...

New > Rejected

remoulder 10 years ago

This is an opinion, not an idea. It should not be posted here

heltonbiker 10 years ago

Completely agree. I have had some need to make some feature request or something, but outside mint community things just seem much more bureaucratic and confusing.