Ways to improve Linux Mint

  12 years ago

This idea is taken from http://www.virtualsalt.com/crebook2.htm and I think it can be adapted to the Linux Mint operating system.

Some of the major problems in modern living are too much noise, too much information, too many decisions, too much complexity, together with a general lack of quality and reliability. Intelligent addressing of these problems in connection with the user's ideas should produce welcome improvements or "innovations".

There should be some categories for the ideas:

1. Simplify - remove complexity

2. Apply to new use

3. Automate

4. Make it easier to use, understand

5. Reduce fear to use

6. Make safer

7. Give more performance, make it faster

8. Provide more durability, reliability

9. Give better appearance

10. Create more acceptance by others

11. Add more features, functions

12. Integrate functions

13. Make more flexible, versatile

14. Make lighter weight or heavier

15. Make smaller or larger

16. Make more powerful

17. Reduce or eliminate drawbacks, bad side effects

18. Make more elegant

19. Give better shape, design, style

20. Provide better sensory appeal (feel, look, sound)

21. Provide better psychological appeal (understandable, acceptable)

22. Provide better emotional appeal (happy, warm, satisfying, enjoyable, fun, likable, "neat")

23. Aim toward ideal rather than immediate goals

24. Give larger capacity

25. Make portable

26. Make self-cleaning, easy to clean

27. Make more accurate

28. Make quieter
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RayWoods 10 years ago

Perhaps Clem should cut this out and paste it up beside his VDU.

New > Considered!

Alexio 12 years ago

The plan is to use some categories for the ideas written by the community (credit for these 9 categories goes to @heltonbiker):

1. Make simpler

2. Offer new use

3. Reduce user burden

4. Make easier

5. Improve system safety

6. Improve system performance

7. Improve system adaptability

8. Increase system consistency

9. Please the user

darkwaymcdan 12 years ago

Aren't all of these exactly what every OS strives for?

It would actually be helpful if you had a plan to reach these general goals, or at least ideas.

RayWoods 12 years ago

Sounds a bit like the Rock band who wanted every sound channel louder than all the others!

SeanBest 12 years ago

I would suggest editing your original post and citing your source. Can't take stolen ideas seriously.

Alexio 12 years ago

My original idea was to use some categories I found on the internet to better organize all the community ideas. I would like to thank @heltonbiker for improving on that list to create something original and more useful.

For the comment by @SeanBest I can only say that I never said that it is my original taxonomy and I apologise for the mistake of not citing the source that inspired this idea. I promise it will not happen again!

Also, I think it would be a good idea to allow the Linux Mint community users to create small personal projects based on the ideas written here and list these projects and their outcomes on a separate section of this community website.

remoulder 12 years ago

These are generalized aspirations that could apply to almost anything. Thery are not "idea's" and don't have a place here imo.

SeanBest 12 years ago

Plagiarize much?


At least give credit where it's due. As someone who seems so invested in the open-source community, you should be ashamed.

linuxmint 12 years ago

These ideas are good! :) Hope to see it in future releases.

heltonbiker 12 years ago

Alexio, I agree to you on most aspects. This kind of approach has much to do to improve any system, specially such a community-involving one as Linux Mint.
However, I think this somewhat already complex list contains some items that could be very much merged. It seems to me that this list was inspired someway on Project Management or Systems Design disciplines, so I'll give my opinions considering that.There is a Design Methodology called Axiomatic Design, from which one of the axioms is the one of independence, formulated as such: "the requirement list should contain every function required by the system, so that any requirement may be satisfied independently from others". In this case, the requirements are the ones you cited, and the System is Linux Mint.
I took the liberty to reformulate your list to a shorter one, merging some items that seemed to me represented the same underlying principle. That became:

1. Make simpler: simplify, remove complexity, make more elegant (surprisingly simple yet surprisingly effective)

2. Offer new use: apply to new use, offer more features and functions, integrate functions

3. Reduce user burden: automate, provide better psychological and emotional appeal, make self cleaning or self-repairing, make quieter

4. Make easier: make easy to use, make easy to understand, reduce fear to use, create acceptance by others

5. Improve system safety: make safer

6. Improve system performance: make system faster, more durable, more reliable, more powerful, eliminate drawbacks, give larger capacity, make more accurate

7. Improve system adaptability: make system more flexible and versatile, lighter weight or heavier, smaller or larger, make portable

8. Increase system consistency: aim toward ideal and future goals rather than immediate ones,

9. Please the user: give better appearance, give elegant apearance, give better shape, give better design, give better sensory appeal

* Of course it is not definitive nor even independent from each other, and I by no means intend to diminish your very useful effort of bringing such concerns to light. If you want to, contact me by message on site, I would be glad to discuss them some more.