Hardware Donation Drive to enable better support

  7 years ago

Not sure if this has been already suggested anyways here it goes -

To bring in support to diverse hardware, Mint can start hardware donation drive to accept hardware devices from community. I am sure there are some of us in the user community who can spare some devices or buy new devices for Mint team.

From conversations in github, i see that, in many cases development team does not have access to hardware to support and test the device. Some of which have gained support recently.

- Wacom tablet
- HiDPI support (needs rigorous testing across desktop)
- Multi-monitor setup
- Dual Chip / Nvidia Optimus Laptops

I firmly believe that development team having actual hardware and device will help in proper development / debug for the activity.

The only challenge is I see is logistics in terms of shipping this to the developers who are working on support for devices.

Note: This is not something new to the FOSS community. In fact Noveuae don’t accept money, only hardware is accepted (especially newer NVIDIA cards).
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anandrkris 7 years ago

Response by Clem (http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=2613#comment-106844)
It’s a good idea although in practice you get much better results when developers buy what they want themselves. Their availability and their focus is defined primarily by how much fun they’re having and how eager they want to see something work. Sure, we could do with a wacom tablet (I don’t think any of us has one), but the problem isn’t money.. I can buy one right now, and with that new budget so can many of our devs. Looking at the other issues you mentioned, most of us have multi-monitor setups (maybe even all of us now..), two of us have retina/hidpi displays, and.. when it comes to Intel and Optimus, I can’t say just yet, it’s something I really want to dive into personally, but I haven’t had the time to do so just yet.

anandrkris 7 years ago

Would have been glad to see some comments on why it was considered....