Update Manager: please increase the interval for checking for new updates

  8 years ago

The default interval for checking for new updates, is far too short: by default, Update Manager checks once every 30 minutes.

This decreases the responsiveness of Mint, especially on older and weaker computers. Plus checking every 30 minutes is unnecessarily often.

Please increase the interval, for example to once a day.

--edited November 16, 2014: since Qiana the default interval has increased to 30 minutes (was 15 minutes), but this is still too short.
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Pjotr 8 years ago

I updated the idea, since the default interval in Qiana has been set to 30 minutes. Which, in my opinion, is still too short....

slicktak 8 years ago

In Linux Mint 17 (Qiana), the default is set to 30 minutes. I agree that it is still too short, as software is not pushed often enough to validate such a small time-frame. A more reasonable default-time would be every 6 hours to once a day; consider those with limited bandwidth!

Not to mention that you can still change it if you'd like to check more often.

@luisneves Yes, there needs to be an option to specify a time of day to check for updates, though this can be simulated by waiting until the desired time and setting "every 1 day(s)".

luisneves 8 years ago

you cant config the time

PiGeek 8 years ago

Maybe the default setting is there since people aren't always connected to the internet and they may never get updates if it only checks once a day.

Pjotr 8 years ago

@oscar799: I know. But the *default* setting should be reasonable. Now it isn't.

oscar799 8 years ago

Open Update Manager
Edit>Preferences>Auto Refresh
Select the interval you prefer and click "Apply"