Wallpaper Slideshow for MATE

  8 years ago

A while ago I requested this idea for the Cinnamon desktop. It's now in developers review mode:


My computer broke about a year ago, and have since been using more low powered machines. I've got used to using MATE. Since I got my good computer up and running, I've not felt the need to go back to using anything else.


My wife has started using Mint MATE (after being decidedly anti-linux for the last 7 years out of apparent sheer bloody-mindedness). Her only moan so far has been that Windows 7 could switch her wallpaper for her.

If this is the only issue, I think I have won a convert, but if it is something fixable, so much the better.

Plus, I could really use it as well.

Thanks xx
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FinixFighter 3 years ago

I strongly support this idea!

quake0 8 years ago

This is a great idea. Both for mate and all the other desktops.

xenopeek 8 years ago

Just use Variety Wallpaper Changer. Recommend you use the forums next time for getting help.

Hammer459 8 years ago

Mint does not develop or maintain MATE. Direct your request to the mate project.