Edit button for comments

  8 years ago

Its high time the maintainers of this website put an edit function for the comments.. frankly I dont see the challenge to implement it
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AshBaby 8 years ago

One of the main reasons for shifting to ubuntu from mint was the functional attitude of the Mintdevs.

A simple thing like update without backup and reinstall was not done. Here also a simple matter of convenience is dismissed. This is just turning to anarchy

germulvey 8 years ago

I agree, it would be a valuable option for all.

Hammer459 8 years ago

I can see the use. If you delete and repost after e reply to your comment you will alter the order of comments. Not a biggie. And as @AshBaby comments, it can not be a huge effort to implement. I think this should have been left on the back burner instead of being rejected outright

remoulder 8 years ago

An edit button is not necessary, simply delete and repost your comment.