Cloud storage access in Nemo

  5 years ago

I'm wondering how difficult it would be to implement cloud storage access in nemo as it works in ES File Explorer or Windows Explorer. Add commonly used services like DropBox, GDrive, OneDrive, Ubuntu Cloud etc.
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jahid_0903014 5 years ago

dropbox is integrated

quake0 5 years ago

Ubuntu One is dead.

anandrkris 5 years ago > Should go here.

MrVader 5 years ago

There already exists a Dropbox extension for Nemo called "nemo-dropbox". Look at this:
Maybe there are other extensions for the other storage services too? If not it would be good to write some :)

PiGeek 5 years ago

If I recall correctly Nemo is extendable with plugins, so you could probably write a plugin to do just this.

xenopeek 5 years ago

Ideas for desktop environments and their components you should post to the developers of those directly. Not to the distribution specific ideas section, like here. You can do so here for Nemo:

You see other feature requests there; please post there so all ideas about Nemo are discussed in one place. It helps everybody (developers, ideas contributors, and interested users) to keep an overview of what all ideas are there and their current status.